Our Mission

FPT Digital Academy connects and cultivates Vietnamese talents around the world, in order to develop Vietnam into a leading global digital transformation pioneer.

What We Do

FPT Digital Academy’s mission is to foster collaboration with global Vietnamese talents, in order to establish a network of experts who will cultivate Vietnam’s digital capabilities and drive future development.

fda-mission Business Connection

Connect with Vietnamese start-up businesses. Ultimately, to support their development and to introduce their products and solutions to our network

fda-mission Events & Seminars

Organize events and seminars that connect global Vietnamese talents with the local tech community, thus improving Vietnam’s digital transformation capabilities and knowledge

fda-mission IP Development

Invest in the development of Vietnamese patents and intellectual property, to build a database of global Vietnamese digital transformation capabilities

fda-mission Talent Network

Build a network of global Vietnamese talents, in order to open up opportunities for our best and brightest minds to contribute to the development of Vietnam

Our Team

Committed to our vision of promoting community and development, FPT Digital Academy’s mentor network brings together top Vietnamese experts in tech and in business from all over the world.