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R&D Collaboration | 22 Nov, 2019

With the theme “Start Smart”, FPT Techday 2019 was a powerful affirmation that FPT will be a trusted partner for businesses, organizations and individuals to share success stories and effective solutions to start the digital transformation journey.

According to Mr. Hoang Viet Anh, FPT’s VP in charge of Digital Transformation, DX is not just about technology or infrastructure but rather the inseparable combination of 3 aspects: business model transformation, IT transformation and people transformation.

As one of Vietnam’s leading pioneers in digital transformation, in the last 10 years FPT Corporation has participated in hundreds of global DX projects. FPT have completed three major projects, including a data platform for the aviation industry, a platform for an insurance company using blockchain and a support project for a market leading Japanese car manufacturer.

“These projects have helped FPT grow, mature and enabled us to compile our knowledge into a DX methodology called FPT Digital Kaizen. FPT’s vision is to implement FPT Digital Kaizen and become a trusted partners for Vietnamese businesses on the DX journey.” – Mr. Hoang Viet Anh commented.

Mr. Hoang Viet Anh, FPT Corporation’s VP in charge of digital transformation believes that the FPT Digital Kaizen methodology will help companies quickly and effectively implement DX projects within 3-6 months.

In the process of working with international clients, FPT leaders have noticed that while 70% of businesses believe that DX is essential they also don’t know how to get begin this journey. FPT asserted that in order to succeed, companies need to “Think big, start smart, and be ready to scale very fast throughout the entire organization.”

The VP emphasized: “Start smart is one of the core tenets of FPT’s DX methodology. Starting smart means identifying which are the most critical issues a business should devote resources to solving. Starting smart means choosing the most realistic and feasible implementation methods. Starting smart also means begin with the most simple and effective pilot projects that can quickly showcase values to the rest of the organization. If you fail, you should fail as fast as possible in order to focus on a different solution.”

Mr. Hoang Viet Anh provided the case study of a major, market leading company in Vietnam. Although their profits have been on the downward turn for several years, by quickly applying the FPT Digital Kaizen method they have slowly began to reclaim their #1 spot in the market.

The FPT Digital Kaizen approach was distilled from the most essential of FPT’s DX experience in the last 10 years.

“We sat down with the company and all agreed on how FPT Digital Kaizen can help them regain their growth. An ambitious 3-5 year plan was proposed to help them retake their position on top of the Vietnam market. The company also identified 2 main differences that can help them reach this goal.” – Mr. Hoang Viet Anh shared.

After 3 months of focused efforts, FPT helped the client centralize their customer data and unique identifiers. Moreover, we also automated their work processes and helped implement a tool to assess productivity.

The key to FPT’s success with this client according to Mr. Viet Anh is early involvement, which enabled our strong control over the client’s pain points from even the smallest ones. This helped the company realize their own weaknesses and then handle it.

Going into more details on the DX journey of this client, Mr. Hoang Viet Anh revealed that after 3 months of pilot implementation there have been very positive results. Examples include:

– Customer data have been entirely centrally managed. Feedback on the quality of the client’s product and service are now properly recorded and controlled, allowing the client to direct customers to the appropriate communication and processing channels.

– Reduce the time to finish the Order-To-Cash process by 15% with further reductions predicted in the near future.

– The productivity of the maintenance team is properly assessed and improved by 10% after the pilot stage.

The VP of FPT Corporation also confirmed that other measures were implemented alongside these examples, in order to prepare these solutions for fast scaling throughout the organizations. They include: master plans on strategic programs, IT infrastructure… Training and human resource development plans have also been finalized so that our client is ready when we move into the “scale fast” stage.

FPT possesses a portfolio of products, solutions and platforms that can help businesses accelerate their digital transformation journey.

Due to our experience implementing DX across many sectors from aviation, finance, banking, insurance to manufacturing and retail, along with our workforce of more than 16.000 engineers and technology experts who are implementing DX projects around the world, FPT believe we can help you accelerate on your digital transformation journey.

Not only do we have the FPT Digital Kaizen method, distilled from over 10 years of experience, FPT now possesses an extensive portfolio of product, solution and digital platform to help client shorten the time it takes to successfully implement DX at their organization.

At FPT Techday 2019, FPT leaders expressed interests in and confirmed their commitment to being a trusted partners in developing and implementing DX projects for Vietnamese businesses. “We hold a deep belief that FPT can provide you tangible values in your business’ digital transformation journey.” – Mr. Hoang Viet Anh stressed.

FPT Technology Conference 2019, the latest installment of FPT’s annual technology event, took place on the 21/11/2019. The event attracted thousands of attendants, including around 500 high level executives from major businesses, banks as well as technology experts.

FPT Techday 2019 not only introduced the motto “Start Smart” and many practical DX experience to Vietnamese businesses but also include 46 technology booths, showcasing over 60 technology product, service and highly applicable solutions. As part of FPT Techday 2019, the Technology Arena side event and the made in Vietnam, automated car demonstration also attracted the attention and participation of many young talents from the tech community who wants to test their ability and master cutting edge technology.

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