Enhance Compute Infrastructure Automation for IT Enterprise with AIOps

Business by Huynh Huu Nhuong | 27 Mar, 2019

Catching up the state-of-art in technology, FPT has adapted AIOps, a new concept for tackling computing infrastructure automation with an AI platform, for a Japanese SI company.

For years, IT has struggled to keep the lights on. Now that businesses are aggressively pursuing digital transformation, that battle is becoming even more difficult. The number of applications and services is exploding. Changes are now measured in seconds or minutes, instead of months or years. Approaches such as DevOps are driving this acceleration – but, unless IT operations can keep up, digitalization will inevitably hit a brick wall.

So, here’s the question. How do IT operations keep pace? How does it rise above today’s siloed IT environment, breaking down barriers and automating processes in the same way that DevOps does?

AIOps, Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, is the answer. AIOps uses machine learning to automatically detect, diagnose, and even remediate IT service issues in real time. That means you resolve service issues quickly and accurately and it takes far less effort. As it evolves, AIOps will intelligently automate a wide set of IT processes, delivering benefits across the entire operational lifecycle. Instead of struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of IT operations, you now leverage machines to stay ahead of the curve. AIOps streamlines and strengthens IT operations, in the same way, that continuous integration and deployment powers DevOps.

An AIOps platform should bring three capabilities to the enterprise:

Automate routine practices

Routine practices include user requests as well as non-critical IT system alerts. For example, AIOps can enable a help desk system to process and fulfill a user request to provision a resource automatically. AIOps platforms can also evaluate an alert and determine that it does not require action because the relevant metrics and supporting data available are within normal parameters.

Recognize serious issues faster and with greater accuracy than humans

IT professionals might address a known malware event on a noncritical system, but ignore an unusual download or process starting on a critical server because they are not watching for this threat. AIOps addresses this scenario differently, prioritizing the event on the critical system as a possible attack or infection because the behavior is out of the norm, and reprioritizing the known malware event by running an anti-malware function.

Streamline the interactions between data center groups and teams

AIOps provides each functional IT group with relevant data and perspectives. Without AI-enabled operations, teams must share, parse and process information by meeting or manually sending around data. AIOps should learn what analysis and monitoring data to show each group or team from the large pool of resource metrics.

Arago Hiro is an AIOps solution, it is a complete general AI platform for the enterprise. It is based on machine reasoning optimized by machine learning. HIRO is designed to solve ambiguous and complex tasks with minimal training, time, and small data sets. The goal of Hiro deployment is to optimize and autonomously run their business and IT operations.

Currently, FPT has been applied Hiro for computing infrastructure automation with an AI platform autonomously runs IT infrastructure management processes by integrating with existing ticket system and ITSM platforms to manage an incident, problem, change, and configuration.

Hiro Manages a Sophisticated IT Infrastructure

This solution is being implemented for N.D, a Japanese client specializes in the field of system integration have offices in Tokyo. It improves the automation of troubleshooting for service delivery systems, reducing maintenance and support resources.

In the first stage, we help to address the following problem:

  • Receive event from the monitoring system then Hiro will analyze and choose the best solution to fix the problem.
  • Integrated with ServiceNow to manage incident, problem, change and configure automatically.
  • Automatically create the ticket on Jira tool and assign to an administrator when the Hiro does not find the right solution to fix the issue.
  • Support management of large numbers of devices inside the data center by allowing import from the CMDB from service-now.

Next stage, FPT will integrate Hiro with operational intelligence tools and orchestration tools to solve data analysis problems for the system such as network security monitoring, application monitoring on the server and multi-platform database.


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