Bui Kien Cuong, Ph.D.

People | 26 May, 2019

Successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on An evolutional domain-oriented approach to problem-solving based on web service composition at the University of Iowa, Bui Kien Cuong spent two years at AWS USA as a software development engineer, in charge of the stability of AWS’s fleet.

Ignoring the series of promotion opportunities ahead, Mr.Cuong returned to Vietnam to join FPT Software after 2 years working in the US. He hopes to contribute his ability to develop strong technology areas of his country.

“I have no regrets when choosing to return to Vietnam. I want to bring the technology and scientific knowledge learned in nearly 10 years of studying and working in the US, especially Amazon’s cloud computing technologies and Big Data technologies to share with you who are in the same industry ”, Bui Kien Cuong shared.

During the working time in FPT, Mr.Cuong was the chief architect and technology consultant for a series of projects from building a system architecture to collecting data to huge systems of migration.

Passion for technology and not afraid to fail, Mr.Cuong and colleagues constantly researched, tested. Most recently, he and his teammates are working on the application of computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning to analyze customer behavior in the store and achieve positive results.



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