FPT DX Board Benefits From FPT Digital’s DX Capabilities Development Program

Business | 16 Aug, 2019

To realize FPT’s goal of becoming a pioneering digital business, FPT Digital (FDX) – FPT’s consulting group, organized an internal DX capabilities development program for FPT Corporation’s DX Board and its subsidiaries, led by one of FDX’s leading experts: Mr. Steven Furst.

FDX’s DX Upskilling and Capabilities Development Program is an on-going training program which began in August 2019 and have so far, been met with tremendous success. The workshops are attended by representatives from FPT Corporation’s DX Board and FPT’s subsidiaries, including FPT Information System, FPT Software and FPT Retail.

In this digital age, driven by innovation and connectivity, the huge demand for a truly digital workforce necessitates FPT to leverage training programs that ensure its employees across all branches have the righ skills and mindset to succeed. Understanding this need, FPT Digital developed and organized this DX capabilities development program which draws heavily on the consulting group’s expertise and knowledge.

 “The workshops provide an opportunity for FPT’s DX Board members to not only learn the skills and knowledge needed to effectively implement DX, but also to become better connected and understand how DX is happening at different departments. This type of cross-function collaboration will be essential for FPT’s digital transformation success in the long run” explained Mr. Steve Furst – one of FDX’s leading consultants and the program’s lead trainee.

Each workshop is an intensive primer for core DX skills and knowledge, many of which are also by being taught to businesses by DX change agents from global consulting giants including McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Strategy&, etc… Topics of the workshops have so far, included fundamentals such as: the DX implementation life cycle, method to break down DX problems into a set of issues and how to develop solution hypotheses and the ability to set DX goals as a strategic business priority.

Mr. Steve leads the training workshops for FPT’s DX Board

In each session, Mr. Steve lead the participants through explanations of key concepts and walk them through common processes, methodologies as well as best practices as standardized by world leading businesses. Members of FPT’s DX Board also have the opportunity to practice what they learned through group exercises such as case studies analysis and DX simulation labs.

“Achieving the goals that FPT has set for itself with digital transformation presents a series of unique challenges and opportunities that we have never experienced before. Therefore, what FPT Digital is doing with this development program will really benefit us by adding vital capacity, expertise and insight to support our overall DX efforts” said a representative from FIS.

At FPT’s 2019 Shareholders’ Meeting, FPT President Mr. Truong Gia Binh emphasized that technology and education are two of the corporation’s main focus in the near future. FPT has set the goal of achieving 1 billion USD in profit by 2021 from technology services, with digital transformation at the center of this planned miraculous growth.

In order to achieve this vision, FPT has established the consulting group FPT Digital as well as FPT Digital Academy (FDA) to help the corporation, its subsidiaries as well as its clients and partners, leverage digital transformation to disrupt the market and unlock new digital business opportunities. This series of DX skills and capabilities development workshops will be just one of many initiatives from FDX to help FPT cultivate digital culture and mindsets, towards achieving success in the digital age.

Mr. Steven Furst is is a senior international management and information systems specialist with over thirty years of experience in the consulting and ICT industries. As a seasoned consulting services business manager, his client base and network covers both the public sector and private enterprise. He was the director of Strategy&, a member of the PwC network of firms (formerly Booz & Company) and is the current Director of Strategy & Architecture, Public Sector at FIS.

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