FPT Senior DX Advisor, Mr. Phuong Tram: The Most Important Thing in DX is LDTA

Business | 14 Aug, 2019

The LDTA (Learn, Do, Teach, Act) formula was the focus of the latest DX culture development workshop from Mr. Phuong Tram – FPT Senior DX Advisor, to improve the capabilities of FPT Digital and FPT’s DX Board.

Amidst the current information overload on Digital Transformation from books, newspaper, the internet…then perhaps “Only practice makes perfect”, said DX Advisor Phuong Tram as he emphasized the utmost importance of gaining practical experience from working on actual DX projects.

The former CIO of Dupont asserted: “Everyone’s talking about DX, every consultant talks about DX. However the truth is DX is so new, the only thing that can help expand your understanding of it is doing actual DX work. Everyone reads Forbes, Fortunes…everyone can talk but not everyone has done the work needed to talk about it passionately and thoroughly. That’s true understanding. Everything else is just theory.”

FPT senior DX advisor at the DX capability development workshop on the 13th of August in Hanoi

Mr. Phuong Tram is considered a digital master in the US. During his tenure as Dupont’s CIO, he’s helped the Top Fortune 500 company saved billions of dollars in IT cost. According to Mr. Phuong Tram, when he implement DX for Dupont he divided the employees into 6 groups. Out of the groups, only one (around 5% of the employees) are chosen for DX projects. Their mission is to learn, then do the work, then teach what they learned to others. That’s how he successfully, quickly and effectively transformed the entire company.

In his opinion, in about 5 years all businesses will become digital businesses. In order to succeed, three things should synergized: business transformation, digital transformation and culture transformation based on Data Insight.

Disruptive technology is putting competitive pressure on every business. In this age, digital transformation has become a matter of survival. The downfall of retail giants such as Sears or the meteoric rise thanks to smart digital investments of companies like Walmart, Amazon…are valuable lessons for every business on this digital race.

FPT Digital DX consulting and implementation capability has been proven through its partnership with global, world leading corporations including many Fortune Global 500 companies. With the help of Mr. Phuong Tram – FPT’s Senior DX Advisor, FPT Digital are accompanying FPT’s subsidiaries in implementing internal digital initiatives. This will be the “best CV” to help introduce FPT Digital to other big businesses around the world.


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