Le Hung Cuong, Ph.D

People | 02 Jun, 2019

Le Hung Cuong, Ph.D is the Director of FPT Digital Academy and FPT Digital’s Services Director. He is not only a pioneer in research and development at FPT but is also an expert “whale hunter” who’s secured great business and research opportunities for FPT Software.

Before returning to Vietnam and joining FPT, Mr. Le Hung Cuong spent 8 years studying and working in France. During his time in France, he received a Master’s Degree in Excellent at the University of Paris 6, and received a Doctorate of Excellence in Information Technology at the University of Franche Comte, France.

During the study period, he had 8 articles published in specialized scientific journals and international conferences. With his research experience, he moved to work for a French company, leading the international patent development team in the field of distributed data storage. Currently, this solution is still widely used in Europe.

Leading pioneering 

Returning to Vietnam and working at FSOFT, he joined STU as a solution architect. He participated in designing solutions and contributing to bring big contracts to the company.

He is responsible for building technological capacities for the unit, managing, coordinating, and organizing the activities of the Technology Department, as well as coordinating important and important contracts or new technology contractors. He believes, “Digital transformation is leverage for robust growth in any business.”

Besides, he is also a positive bridge between FPT Software and production units and foreign branches. He regularly works to foreign branch units to join the sales team to share and enhance the company’s image with partners and customers.

In order to promote research and development of new technologies, Mr. Le Hung Cuong has also expanded the relationship with leading universities and research institutes such as Hanoi University of Science and Technology and the University of Technology, MICA Research Institute. The scope of cooperation will combine the knowledge power of universities and research institutes and the huge demand from international customers for projects that require a high technical level.

In addition, he is also a familiar speaker for technology events for students, sharing and career guidance and supporting the promotion of high-quality human resource recruitment. He also had an interview on television about FPT’s ability to apply new technologies for preventive maintenance.

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