Expert DX Consultant Albert Antoine: “FPT has the potential to get it right and become a Digital Master”

Business | 09 Aug, 2019

In his sharing session with FPT’s DX Board, Mr. Albert Antoine – expert Digital Transformation consultant, defined the concept of Digital Mastery and highly-regarded FPT Corporation’s DX potential.

“Digital Masters are made, not born” asserted Mr. Albert Antoine at the sharing session with FPT’s DX Board on the 9th of August. According to Albert, Digital Masters are companies that know how and where to invest, with leaders who are committed to guiding the organization powerfully into the digital future.

To explain the concept more clearly, he introduced the Digital Magic Quadrant – as developed by Albert’s business partner: Mr. Didier Bonnet who, along with a team co-researchers surveyed 400-businesses around the world to determine the secrets to a successful DX strategy.

Characteristics of the four levels of Digital Mastery on the Digital Quadrant

The two key dimensions that drive the DNA of digital masters, according to Mr. Albert are:

Digital Capability, or ‘The What’

This refers to the way businesses make technology investments to improve either their customer experience or digital operations. The capability comes from injecting digital technology into the organization – which includes applications of analytics, mobility, sensors, connected networks etc.

“But Digital Mastery goes much beyond smart tech investment” says Mr. Antoine  “Or else, companies with the biggest budget would always win, which we know is no longer true. The key to successful digital transformation is to combine technology with…..”

Leadership Capability, or ‘The How’

This refers to the way companies actually use technology to transform itself from within. Albert further emphasizes that “establishing how businesses are going to use the technology” is more important than simply making flashy investments. It ultimately comes down to 4 elements: leadership, vision, alignment and governance.

“Leadership has always been about engagement and culture. There’s nothing new about engagement. But in digital transformation, what’s new is you can do it at scale,” says the DX expert. The main barriers to digital progress, he identified, is a lack of collaboration between departments that are completely silo-ed, especially between business and IT functions.

Mr. Albert Antoine explains the steps towards achieving Digital Mastery

Becoming a Digital Master should be priority for any business during the on-going digital revolution,  Albert emphasized, as they are the ones exploiting digital opportunities to build superior competitive positions in their industries. According to the research, Digital Masters outperform their peers on every quantifiable metrics, with 9% higher revenue generation efficiency and 26% higher profitability than the average company. 

FPT’s Potential Digital Mastery

At the end of session, Mr. Hoang Viet Anh – FPT Telecom CEO and Chairman of FPT DX Board, summarized key findings and located FPT near the center of the Digital Magic Quadrant, which according to the expert consultant is an advantageous position.

He highly regarded FPT’s balance approach to DX as well as the knowledge and enthusiasm shown by the DX Board throughout the sharing session. “If you continue to concentrate efforts on cultivating internal digital culture and allow current technology investments to mature, FPT has the potential to get it right and become a Digital Master” Mr. Albert Antoine concluded.

For the past 30 years, Mr. Albert Antoine has been advising the Singapore government and major Asian companies on Digital Transformation, particularly in Big Data and Smart City planning. Albert is currently the Asia Pacific Senior Vice President of Dataiku, a visionary company in the field of Data Analytics and Machine Learning.  He holds a Master of Science in Management of Technology from MIT as well as a Master in Computer Science from the International Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics of Marseille.

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