FPT Academy Mentor to be Gartner Research Member at Gartner Catalyst 2019

R&D Collaboration | 03 Oct, 2019

Le Hung Cuong, FPT Academy Director, has been invited to join the Gartner research group, along with hundreds of other leading companies in the world to participate in conducting surveys on customer management systems.

In mid-September, Mr. Le Hung Cuong has attended the Gartner Catalyst 2019 and discussed with more than 800 leading experts worldwide in the field of digital transformation.

Gartner Catalyst is the place where CTO, CIO, Senior Directors from hundreds of the world’s largest corporations gather to stay up to date on the latest trends in technology, digital transformation and seek advice on problems that they are encountered.

This year, with the main topic of Digital Transformation, Gartner Catalyst not only discussed a range of technologies such as Cloud, Big data, Microservices, DevOps, APIs, Analytics, AI, RPA, but also shared how to set up the digital transformation platform as well as the secret to successful digital transformation.

According to Mr. Le Hung Cuong, previously, technologies are often referred to as complex solutions, requiring technology experts, this year, the technologies have become closer to be more applicable for business users beside engineers and technology experts.

He also shared that the world was facing the problem of managing and operating the information technology system for more than 4.5 billion people who are connected to the internet and this number would be constantly increasing. This is both an opportunity to connect to an unlimited number of users, and a challenge for building large and complex systems.

Previously, infrastructure, analysis, and information security systems were scattered separately through separate parts, now they would need to come together in a comprehensive solution picture. “Infrastructure everywhere, Analytics everywhere, Security everywhere” is also a new principle that Gartner believes will be the new trend of Digital Transformation.

At the conference, each attendee will have 30 minutes to talk with leading experts of Gartner about the technical issues they encounter in the organization. By the internal research in the digital transformation process of FPT, building a CRM system is an urgent requirement of many member companies. He chose to talk to a Gartner consultant on customer experience. As one of those who involved in leading and implementing digital transformation, he is interested in building a CRM system suitable to the financial capacity and ability to customize the system to suit each business sector of the group.

Gartner representative said the CRM system is divided into many Tier-1 layers such as Salesforces, Microsoft Dynamics, …, Tier-2 including opensource solutions SugerCRM, Vtiger etc. Large corporations in the United States and developed countries tend to use Tier-1 solutions because the current solution serves most of their requirements and the current platform also allows for quite a customization. For organizations in developing countries with more limited IT spending, they often use open source solutions. In the Gartner experts’ experience, in Eastern European countries and Russia, they use a lot of open-source solution to cater to the organization’s CRM system.

Through this discussion, the representative of Gartner also invited Mr. Le Hung Cuong to join the Gartner research group, along with hundreds of other leading companies in the world to participate in conducting surveys on customer management systems. Accordingly, the research and survey results will be shared within the group so that each company will have an objective view of world trends, and self-contrast with the company’s strategy and situation in order to make accurate and logical choices for the digital transformation of the organization’s customer experience.

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