FPT Digital Offers a Completed Framework for Successful Digital Transformation

Business | 02 Aug, 2019

In a 5 day workshop from 29/7 to 02/08/2019, FPT Digital (FDX) and a global, Malaysian-based government consulting firm met to discuss different consulting approaches for businesses and government agencies. The firm highly-regarded FPT’s DX framework, specifically the FPT Digital Kaizen approach.

Digital transformation is a megatrend that’s irreversibly changing the world and also how many businesses are reaping new successes in the industrial revolution 4.0. According to a report by IDC, by 2022 the DX market will reach 2.000 billion USD in value with 4 times the growth rate of the IT market. In 2018, global DX spending has already reached 1.300 billion USD, with a 16, 8% growth rate compared to the IT market’s 1.000 billion USD and 4% growth rate.

To leverage the opportunities of this digital revolution, FPT hope digital transformation will help the company breakthrough in its market positioning, capability as well as growth. With years of experience partnering with world leading companies including AWS, Airbus, Siemens, GE…as well as internal DX efforts, FPT has devised its own DX approach called FPT Digital Kaizen. The approach is a series of continuous improvements through the application of creativity and technology to solve pain points within an organization towards 3 main outcomes: improve customer experience, achieve operation excellence and building new business models.

At the workshop, Mr. Tran Huy Bao Giang – FPT CDTO, affirmed that with FPT Kaizen’s “Think Big – Start Smart – Scale Fast” approach the DX journey for many enterprises will be simplified and shortened without the need to make large investments. FDX is prepared to consult and help businesses, both domestic and international, plan their most optimal DX roadmap.

The workshop between FDX and its partner, a Malaysian-based consulting firm for government agencies


Representatives from the consulting firm, which has successfully implemented DX projects for the Malaysian government, is impressed with FPT’s ambitions as well as the on-going DX efforts that FPT is providing its subsidiaries and partners, which includes many big, global companies.

On their consulting methodology, the Malaysian representative declared that successful DX requires changing mindsets, attitudes and leadership styles in an organization. Notably, they revealed their secret 6 step recipe to help successfully transform a business/organization.

The workshop successfully concluded after 5 days of hard work. It was an chance for FDX to exchange experience and expertise with one of Malaysia’s top consulting firms, in order to encourage further collaboration between the two groups in providing DX consulting to global businesses and organizations.


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