How Digital Kaizen, FPT’s Digital Transformation Recipe, Can Be Applied To The Retail Industry

Business | 22 Aug, 2019

On the 14th of August, at JW Marriott Hotel, Hanoi, the Digital Transformation in Retail Conference, which was co-organized by FPT Digital, was attended by numerous leaders of retail companies in Vietnam. At the event, FPT introduced Digital Kaizen, a “secret weapon” to help businesses quickly and easily achieve digital transformation.

The conference is attended by FPT President Mr. Truong Gia Binh, FPT Senior DX Advisor – Mr. Phuong Tram and FPT Chief Digital Transformation Officer (CDTO) – Mr. Tran Huy Bao Giang along with high level executives from retail companies in Vietnam, including: Media Mart, FamilyMart, Pico, PNJ, Intimex Vietnam and many others.

FPT President Mr. Truong Gia Binh giving the opening speech

In his opening speech, FPT President Mr. Truong Gia Binh asserted the importance of the retail industry in Vietnam’s economic growth as well as introduced the Digital Transformation problem facing businesses today.

“The customers now expect a lot and are changing rapidly. When they shop, they use mobile devices, the Internet and have higher expectations for products and services. With just one click, they can switch to buying from your competitor after one unsatisfactory experience”

According to Mr. Binh, this is why retail businesses in Vietnam need to evolve beyond the current manual operations in order to unlock competitive opportunities against “digital retail businesses” that’s quickly taking over the market share. FPT, and specifically FPT Retail, is not an exception the rule. Mr. Truong Gia Binh shared that FPT is pioneering in this field by applying a self-researched and developed DX approach called Digital Kaizen, a “secret weapon” to help businesses easily and quickly digitally transform at a lower cost.

In his presentation, Mr. Phuong Tram – FPT Senior DX Advisor and former CIO of the billion dollar multinational company Dupont, imparted insights on how world leading companies are approaching digital transformation as well as with his practical experience in implementing changes.

On the secret to success, Mr. Phuong Tram revealed that businesses should know how to leverage a “dialogue” method to fully resolve cross-function issues within the organization. He advised, the first thing a company should do is “win over the hearts, then the mind and the hands” of its employees, by building a work environment that promotes collaboration between employees, to work together, discover pain points together and solve issues together.

Afterwards, Mr. Tran Huy Bao Giang – FPT’s Chief Digital Transformation Officer, re-affirmed the digital potential and opportunities waiting for retail businesses as well as presented a more in-depth explanation of Digital Kaizen. He went through the 6 steps of the corporation’s digital transformation approach: Direction & Strategy, Assessment & Workshop, Roadmap, Implementation & Monitor, Evaluate & Validate and finally Report & Improvement.

Mr. Tran Huy Bao Giang – FPT CDTO, presents DX world trends in retail

Most notably, Mr. Giang emphasized that FPT’s Digital Transformation “flavour” is facilitation, or getting stakeholders to voluntarily contribute to digital transformation instead of forcing the efforts. Instead of asking “What?” or “How?”, FPT wants to help businesses answer the question “Why?” and focus on driving digital culture in the enterprise. According to Mr. Giang, only by getting an agreement and buy-in from every level of employees can digital transformation happen on any scale beyond just leaders talking.

In the discussion segment, representatives from companies attending the event posed many questions to President Truong Gia Binh and Mr. Phuong Tram, on remaining issues such as: how to determine their digital maturity, how to collect and effectively use customer data or how to approach digital transformation as a small/medium enterprise with limited budget or technological capabilities….

Mrs. Trinh Lan Phuong, Bibomart CEO, confirmed her wish to listen to FPT’s explanation of its approach in more depth in order to better discussion a partnership in the near future. Media Mart CEO, Mr. Nam Le Quan Vu similarly expressed interested in learning FPT’s digital transformation approach, process and methods in more detail. 

Mrs. Trinh Lan Phuong (Bibomart CEO), FPT Senior DX Advisor Mr. Phuong Tram, FPT President Mr. Truong Gia Binh and Mr. Tran Trong Hung (Bibomart HR Director)

After the event, although there’s still confusion among the guests as Digital Transformation is still a fresh concept, many leaders have expressed interest in attending digital transformation events organized by FPT to learn more, as well as to directly collaborate with FPT to implement digital transformation. In response, FPT President Mr. Truong Gia Binh promises that FPT will be a trusted companion for retail businesses in Vietnam on their digital transformation journey.

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