FPT Leaders Met With Over 100 Experts To Discuss The National Strategy 4.0

People by FPT Digital Academy | 06 Jun, 2019

Recently, the representatives of the Board of Science and Technology, the Board of Investment and Planning, with 3 of the largest IT corporate groups in Vietnam, Viettel, VNPT and FPT has contacted 100 specialists, scientists, and experts in Vietnam during the program to build Vietnam’s new creativity revolution network in 2018.

This is an event that lies in the body of the program that starts on 19/8 and it is organized by the Board of Investment and Planning and the Board of Science and Technology.

The creativity revolution network of Vietnam is a continuous and informative initiative that leads to the formation of the national strategy to jumpstart the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The network also leads to the formation of the facilities that specialize in innovation, creativity, mobilization of new talents in science and technology. They would help widen the spectrum of scientific and technological strategies of each industry that Vietnam needs a strong boost in for the upcoming future.

The Cooperation to Exploit the Opportunities of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

At the event, the chairman of FPT, Truong Gia Binh, has shared his desire that the 100 prodigies to work with FPT to give fantastic solutions for the biggest issues in the research development and technological application of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The issues include the problems of the government’s technologies, smart medics, smart traffics, finance, banking, etc.

The chairman highlighted that, “The prodigies of Vietnam has the knowledge, and strong experience in each of their individual industry. The technology businesses such as FPT has the projects, and the application problems for the newest technologies to be completed. The cooperation between two sides will give the power to Vietnam so the country can exploit the opportunities of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Doing this would lead the nation to become a pioneering nation in innovation and it would allow it to also join the biggest technological corporations in the world in developing new technologies”.

At the meeting, the corporate groups, Viettel, VNPT and FPT have presented their new technologies. These technologies were presented based on type of industry of each technological specialist and scientist. The specialists and scientists were at the event to work and connect, as well as cooperate in the research development of the new and effective products.

The Discussion to Solve the Urbanization Issues

In another part of the program’s body, the specialists, scientists and the prodigies also have a chance to meet Nguyen Duc Chung, who is the president of Hanoi, to discuss the solution to solve the urbanization issues by developing a smart urbanization.

During the exchange at the conference, the delegates has shared their approval of the direction for the city ,and the top technologies in the world such as predicting cancer, online medical services, and e-patient (to improve the treatment quality) were introduced as well. It is said that the toughest challenge is the procedure, such as when there are a lot of places that sell technologies before perfecting the procedure. The scientists suggest that the procedure to be perfected first to be effective.

The delegates also focus on the issues regarding the air pollution especially and the shared the experience from the developed nations says that a spatial data infrastructure needs to be constructed to decisively make the best decision and strategy.

The program “Building Vietnam’s creativity revolution network” has ended with fantastic results. This is the start of the network’s expansion to form a connection between the knowledge of Vietnam and the world in the future, and it aims to strengthen the innovation culture in Vietnam during the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0.



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