The Development of Sustainable Digital Transformation Capabilities

Business by Tran Huy Bao Giang - CDTO FPT Digital | 07 Jun, 2019

Changes and innovation have always been in our DNA. Here at FPT, a focus on enabling ourselves to change and innovate through technologies was a direction since the very beginning. Over the years, we have been through the era of Digitization, Digitalization and now Digital Transformation for our customers and for ourselves. Digital Transformation is our key direction moving towards the future. Through Digital Transformation, we bring innovations and outcome-based values to our customers, which help to distinguish ourselves from other competitors in the global market.

In this fast-changing world of 4th Industrial Revolution with significant advancement in many technology sectors, namely a few biotechnology, nanotechnology, material science, quantum computing, etc. IT has been and will always be an undisputable role in driving these forward in a faster and more manageable way. To thrive in this world, a rapid expansion of Digital Transformation capabilities is a must. Therefore, we enable and position ourselves to be on the front line of the Digital Transformation battle.

We see the digital capabilities in three areas including Digital Technologies, Digital Solutions and Digital Industries. A well-balanced development and investment in each of these areas will ensure the efficiency and stability of digital transformation services that we deliver.

In the area of Digital Technologies, SMAC (Social – Mobile – Analytics/Big Data – Cloud) has played our key strength over the last few years with many significant benefits for our customers globally. With the Now, Near and Far strategy, we continue to invest and drive the development of digital technologies in a well-managed and foreseeable way.

While SMAC has widely become a part of who we are, additional focus on IoT, AR/VR/MR/DR, Cognitive Computing/AI and Robotics/Smart Platforms based on SMAC foundation will be our propelling engine towards the Digital Era.

Building on top of Digital Technologies, the expansion of our Digital Solutions, such as digital workplace, digital customer experience, digital business process, etc. continues to be ready-to-use yet customizable solutions which helps to reduce both investment required and time-to-market for our customers.

Industry specific Digital Transformation is the third area of our key focus. Here by having Automotive, Banking & Finance, Content, Media & Entertainment, Utility, Healthcare, Agriculture and many more enable us to lead and drive changes in many different industries. We continue to fuse digital technologies, digital solutions and industry specific domain knowhow to ignite innovation, improve efficiency and significantly cut cost.

While very much focus on expanding our digital capabilities and footprints, we see embracing a Digital Culture in our organization is mandatory. Digital Transformation reaches everyone in our organization. We develop our employees to have a digital awareness, to make sure everyone in everyday job carry the digital transformation message, to see digital transformation as a once-in-a-life-time opportunity for us and for our customers.

We believe the world is in a very special time, it is at a turning point, with well-established things will go out of business, disruption in many forms comes into play.  FPT with our core focus on changes and innovation will stand and fight with our customers in this Digital Transformation battle, towards a brighter and more productive future.



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